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Click on a county name for a listing of Greenways and Trails in that area.

Knox Trails:
Park Name Trail Name Length Surface Difficulty Map
TN River Blueway-Upper Choto Marina to Friendsville Ramp & Int’l Habor Marina 2.0
TN River Blueway-Upper/Little Turkey Creek The Cove Ramp to Cherokee Ramp 1.0
TN River Blueway-Upper/Sinking Creek Concord Park Ramp to Concord Marina 1.3
TN River Blueway-Upper/Little River Willow Pt. Marina to Duncan Boat Dock 4.0
TN River Blueway-Upper/Little River I C King Park to Willow Pt. Marina 5.2
TN River Blueway-Upper Duncan Boat Dock to PJ’s Landing 10.2
TN River Blueway-Upper I C King Park to Duncan Boat Dock 3.0
TN River Blueway-Upper Sequoyah Put In to Maxey’s Boat Dock 3.2
TN River Blueway-Upper Sequoyah Ramp to Sequoyah Put In 1.0
TN River Blueway-Upper Marine Park to Sequoyah Ramp .4
TN River Blueway-Upper Gov. Ned McWherter to Volunteer Landing 1.0
TN River Blueway-Upper Island Home Park to Gov. Ned McWherter Park .4
TN River Blueway-Upper Island Home Airport to Island Home Park 2.0
TN River Blueway-Upper Ijams Nature Center to Island Home Airport .5
TN River Blueway-Upper Forks of the River to Ijams Nature Center .5
TN River Blueway-Upper/Holston River Forks of the River to Holston River Park 1.5
French Broad River Blueway Cruze Landing to Forks of the River 12.75
French Broad River Blueway Claussen Landing to Cruze Landing 2.9
French Broad River Blueway Seven Islands WR to Claussen Landing 2.2
TN River Blueway-Upper Volunteer Landing to Marine Park 4.4
TN River Blueway-Upper Maxey’s Boat Dock to I C King Park 1.5
TN River Blueway-Upper Concord Marina to Fox Rd. Marina 1.7
TN River Blueway-Upper Concord Park Ramp to The Cove Ramp 1.8
TN River Blueway-Upper The Cove Ramp to Choto Marina 3.3
Westview Greenway 0.3
Victor Ashe Greenway 0.7
Ten Mile Creek Greenway 0.6
Second Creek Greenway 1.2
Sam Duff Greenway 0.3
Future Papermill Bluff Greenway
North Hills Greenway 0.4
Middlebrook Greenway 0.8
Loves Creek Greenway 0.3
Lonsdale Greenway 0.3
Liberty Street Greenway 0.4
Future Knox Blount Greenway
holston Chilhowee Greenway 1.0
Charter Doyle Greenway 0.4
Bearden Village Greenway 2.1
First Creek Greenway (Lower) 0.5
First Creek Greenway (Upper) 0.9
Ijams Nature Center Tharp Trace Trail 1.1
Ijams Nature Center Pink Marble Trail 0.4
Ijams Nature Center Cave Loop Trail 0.1
Ijams Nature Center Universal Trail 0.3
Ijams Nature Center Tower Trail 0.3
Ijams Nature Center South cove Trail 0.3
Ijams Nature Center Toll Creek Trail Loop 0.2
Ijams Nature Center Serendipity Trail 0.3
Ijams Nature Center Secret Pond Trail 0.1
Ijams Nature Center River Trail 0.7
Ijams Nature Center North Cove Trail 0.2
Ijams Nature Center Discovery Trail 0.4
Ijams Nature Center Beech Trail 0.1
Third Creek Greenway 4.5
Neyland Greenway 3.0
Sequoyah Greenway 2.6
Parkside Greenway 2.0
Will Skelton Greenway 3.6
Lakeshore Greenway 2.3
Holston River Greenway 2.0
Morningside Greenway 1.6
Jean Teague Greenway 1.9
Weisgarber Greenway 1.0
Northwest Middle School Greenway 1.9
James White Greenway 1.0
Cavet Station Greenway 1.0
Sue Clancy Greenway 1.1
Gary Underwood Greenway 0.8
Fountain City Greenway 0.3
Community Unity Greenway 0.6
Mary Vestal Greenway 0.4
Malcolm Martin Greenway 0.3
Westview Greenway 0.3